Miley Cyrus is not only famous for her looks and glamour but the amount of energy she exudes through her stage performances is reason enough to get curious about her training and diet schedule. If you had no chance to see her on-stage, then even if you look at her images, you can feel the boost of sheer energy and liveliness that is quite impressive an aspect about her.

Miley Cyrus

She is the daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and actress Tish Finley. Her early years were spent in Tennessee but later she moved to Canada. She started acting in TV programs, and got her big break in 2006 as the lead in Disney’s “Hanna Montana”. She has co-written her autobiography and it became quite famous. She got married in 2018 with Liam Hemsworth but split up in 2019.

Miley Cyrus Workout Routine and Diet Plan

This 26-year-old has come to headlines for her relationships and her abs, both of which are interesting and gripping to her fans. She often shares her bikini photos where we can see her tone physique. Her body is the perfect definition of a hot summer body. However, it stays the same through all the seasons.

She is a stunner performer, who sometimes comes to news for her public break up or the recent dates. But her fans are all the more satisfied and happy for her as she can live her life on her own terms. The secret of maintaining the flat tummy, shapely legs and strong arms along with a super flexible body is a mystery to use. We are eager to know the special diet or workout.

Miley Cyrus Diet Plan

She is following a vegan diet since 2014, which means she does not eat fish, meat, eggs, poultry, dairy or any kind of animal products. Along with that Cyrus also avoids gluten. So she eats vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, and soy products. She prefers not to harm any animals and that is the reason for her being turned to veganism. Not only she decided upon being kind to animals by being vegan, but she also stopped using animal products due to her lactose intolerance.

  • Plant-based diet:

This animal-lover singer confesses that she has turned to veganism not only she loves the animals, but also it means you are leaving fewer carbon footsteps while you have turned to vegan.

  • No gluten or dairy:

Since 2012 she has omitted gluten and dairy from her diet. She is allergic to lactose and thus she has taken this step. There was a rumor of her being anorexic but that is not true, as she has left having gluten and dairy products she looks extremely svelte.

  • Vegan diet:

She had a vegan spread at her wedding. PETA has named her as the “Veganest Vegan ever to Vegan’. She also has a tattoo on her arm saying “vegan for life”.

  • No drugs:

She had once dabbled into illicit substances once in the past but at present, she has quit drinking, smoking, and drugs. She has told Billboards that she is clean now.

For breakfast, she has a healthy green smoothie. In lunch, she takes veggie tofu stir-fry and for dinner, she has the ultimate vegan protein burrito.

Miley Cyrus Workout

Miley Cyrus Workout Routine:

  • Yoga:

She is a devoted doer of Ashtanga yoga.  This is a physically demanding style of yoga which specifically helps to build the core strength and flexibility.  She does this for six days a week and is doing for years now. She practices 2 hours of yoga every day. This is the secret of her slender structure and incredible flexibility.

  • Pilates:

She started doing Pilates in 2013.  She loves doing it and has a Pilates Studio at home as well. She spends 30 minutes doing pilates every day. This has improved her core strength and the side-kicks that she does increases her lower body movements and flexibility.

  • Incidental activity:

When she is not doing any particular workout, she incorporates fitness in her day by hiking, walking her seven dogs or dancing at her concerts. She often posts her video while working up in her studio. Her moves always show her cardiovascular strength. She also loves kayaking. All these are great calorie burners and it builds muscle endurance, boosts metabolism and tones the body.

She does pilates for 30 minutes followed by yoga for 2 hours. Along with that, she does cardio in the form of the hike, dance or any other.


Miley Cyrus is the perfect role model of today’s youth. She practices a healthy lifestyle and she loves it at the same time, not doing it just for the sake of it. She loves her green juice, vegan snacks, vegan dessert and plant-based protein sources like tofu and legumes. She practices the best method of exercise, which is yoga. She is not into any kind of addiction which makes her even better an example to be followed by the young generation.