People are now becoming more and more fitness conscious and new inventions of smarter gadgets with adaptable technology are opening a new era to the horizon of fitness. The new addition of the gadgets is Mirror. The name is suggestive enough, and a Mirror is actually, a mirror with loads of features.

What is Mirror?

This is interactive fitness equipment which can be kept at home and it can change your workout regime similar to that of a fitness studio. This high tech workout equipment converts your home into interactive home gym. It contains all the essential components of a studio like- variety, personalization or different communities are brought through a singular platform. You can take your workout classes while at the convenience of your living room.


The stylish and sleek design of Mirror is an attractive addition to your home interior. Carbon steel frame with mineral bronze powder coating makes the item look subtle and simple yet classy. When it is not switched on, no one can tell it from a regular mirror with a stylish metal frame.

But this does not simply mean that you can follow some workout videos like you can from some online channels. The responsive display of Mirror, the stereo speaker and the camera makes it a fully creative companion of workout session.


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The Price:

The Mirror has become famous with the celebrities, and quite legitimately. The upfront price of the Mirror is high; $1495 is needed get it installed. Also you need a $39 subscription per month to continue the classes and other features. But after the installation process and the cost of the product, the monthly subscription fee is cheaper than regular gym membership price.




A mirror works very much like a personal instructor. It trains you with personal shout-outs, other than giving real time instructions. So that makes sense when you think of buying one for your exercising sessions at home during this pandemic situation. The Mirror can really turn a gym-hater to a fitness freak thanks to the home bound exercising facility offered by Mirror.


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