Given this year’s difficult circumstances many of us are celebrating the Mother’s day at home or even, away from our mothers. But remember, Mother’s Day isn’t cancelled; and with some creativity and preparation, you can give your mom the Mother’s Day she deserves and make her smile. It’s easier than you think to show this very special person in your life just how much she is loved and appreciated.

Mother’s Day Ideas to Make This Quarantine Holiday Special

Sometimes the little things can mean so much more than a showy gift. So here are some ways that don’t require you or your mom to leave the house, so you stay safe but still enjoy Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day

1. Wake her up with a Breakfast

Start her day on the right note by waking her up with a cup of tea or coffee and her favourite breakfast or other brunch favourites. Because there is nothing better than a nicely cooked breakfast being brought to you in bed!

2. Do her chores

Moms are usually the ones who do most of the chores in the house. And she really wishes someone would help her by doing it all for her. So get together and do all her chores for her to help ease her everyday to-do list. This will mean so much to her than anything. Although there should be more days like this.

3. DIY

Moms love handmade things from their kids no matter how old are you. So make her something creative and she will regard anything you took the time to make her as a keepsake. Or you can fix little things around the house.

4. Write her a little Note or a Poem

Write down a little note for her. Or better get each member of the family to write down something about her. Or use your imagination to write a mother’s day poem for her. This is definitely the best way to make her feel special on Mother’s Day that’s inexpensive but full of love.

5. Make Her a Card

It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 35 years old, for your Mom you will always be her little child. So hand make her a heartfelt Mother’s Day card this year and she will treasure it forever and much more than a shop-bought card.

6. Make Her a Collage

Get some of your Mom’s favourite photographs and put them together in a frame and decorate it. Wrap it up nicely for her, that way she will have a constant reminder of some of her favourite memories.

7. Mixtape

Make her a playlist of all of her favourite songs, or all of the songs that always remind you of her. This is one of the fun ways to make her smile a little more on Mother’s Day and for other days too. She can enjoy it any day and take a trip down memory lane as often as she wants.

8. Make her a Home Video

Get all of the family members together and make her a fun family home video. Make up your own song, play music, dance for her or leave a lovely message. You may think is silly, but she will treasure this forever.

9. Watch a Movie together

A  movie date with your number one lady is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. It costs you a very little; so grab some snacks, and get cosy up in bed together and watch a movie marathon. To celebrate the occasion we have a list of the best movies to watch with your mom on this Mother’s Day.

10. Host a Virtual Party

Even if you are not at the same place, throw her a virtual house party. Invite her friends and loved ones through video conferencing apps. Play fun games, music, or simply chat the night away with snacks in hand.

11. Host a Picnic in your Backyard

Make this Mother’s Day more exciting by hosting a picnic in your home backyard. Set up a blanket, some cosy pillows, portable speaker for music, picnic-ready snacks and drinks.

12. Give her R&R

It’s time to pamper your mom!  And especially in this situation, chances are that she really needs time to relax. So let her sit back and relax while you give her a home mani-pedi or head/foot massage.

13. Learn a new Skill

It’s time to show your mom the same level of support she has always been given to you. Think of a project she’s always wanted to try, and round up all the necessary supplies in time for Mother’s Day. Then spend the day cheering each other on as you learn how to knit, paint, bake or whatever else you choose.

14. Say Sorry

If you and your mom are currently not on the good terms, then this is the best time to make amends. So make the first move and talk what’s on your mind. She will definitely appreciate it more than anything in the world.

15. Give her a Hug

When was the last time you gave your mum a tight hug and told her that you love her? If you can’t do anything else then just wish her with a big warm hug and an “I love you, Mom”. This says absolutely everything.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a big budget or no money at all, there are plenty of great ways to make Mom smile on Mother’s Day. Because it’s the thought that counts.