One of the world’s best soccer players, Neymar always has been a favorite with his girl fans. His super physique and stylish look have created an aura of glamour around him, which is caused by his exceptional body and health.

A name that has stolen the limelight of the world cup football, Neymar, the former Barcelona soccer player has become the most expensive one to be transferred to Paris Saint-German. After Ronaldo and Messi, he is the most sought after player in the world.

Neymar workout

Neymar Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Neymar is the face of the young footballers and an idol for the teenagers who wish to play like him. His dribbling, free kicks, and the runs are quite mesmerizing and the ability to keep the ball to himself is some of his superpowers. However, his workout routine is a much-needed piece of information, which will be discussed here.

He aims at achieving speed, power, balance and acceleration.  His healthy and athletic body is the outcome of his vigorous workout sessions. Also he follows a strict and healthy diet to stay in shape and keep his agility intact.

Neymar Workout Routine

His workouts are divided into different schedules and there are different regimes for different days.

Day 1 – warm-up, stretching and 800m jogging are the workouts he begins with. It is followed by 4 rounds of 400m run, 15 jump squats, 100 rope jumps 100m sprint, and 15 box jumps.

Another set of workout consists of the back squat, weighted lunge, mountain climbers, plank holds for 60 seconds all in 4 sets and 12 reps and 10-minute jogs for cooldowns.

Day 2 – this is the day for cardio. Long-distance cardio is done by 3 miles run. It is followed by 60 minutes on and off cardio with 1 min run in on and off mode with varied speed. High-intensity interval training is included in that.

Day 3– warm up with stretch and jogging are in this day’s schedule. Then the first set contains 4 round of run with 4 circuits, 15 minute jumping lunges, 100 jump ropes, 100m sprint with 10 goblet squats.

The second set contains front squat, leg press, leg raise in 4 sets with12 reps, plank holds for 60 seconds, and 10-minute jog for a cool down.

Day 4– long-distance cardio for Neymar is 3 miles run. Then there is high-intensity interval training with 60 minutes of on and off cardio, 1 minute run in on and off mode at different speeds.

Day 5– the warm-up contains stretch and jog of 800m. The first set of workouts contains 4 rounds of 400m run, 15 pistol squats for each leg, 100 jump ropes, and 15 weighted step-ups.

The second set of workout has overhead squat and hamstring curls12 times with 4 sets Sit ups with 25 reps. 4 times plank holds for 60 seconds and cool down with 10 minute jog ends the session.

Neymar Workout routine and Diet Plan

Neymar Diet Plan

  • He prefers to drink whey protein in the morning, before and after his workout. There are three fried eggs and spinach with slices of lean turkey for his breakfast.
  • There is a mid-morning meal for him, which consists of a glass of protein shake with a handful of sunflower seeds and almonds. You can see that every meal of his has a portion of protein in it.
  • Lunch of Neymar is a tasty treat with turkey meatball and asparagus-like green chutney. He also takes half of a sweet potato with this meal.
  • Evening snacks are turkey with peanut butter and some sunflower seeds.
  • In the dinner, Neymar takes white fish with chopped boiled cabbage. After dinner dessert is his favorite so he takes smoothie made with fruit juice, carrot juice, and whey protein with almonds, blackberries, and half avocado is thrown into it.
  • Neymar, being a youngster loves his fries. He takes them on cheat day along with pizza.


The training always makes the players fit. As a soccer player, Neymar always swears by the importance of energy as is required in the 90 minutes of playing session. During the playing sessions, there is less need for exercising but when the season is off, and then the need for exercise is vital. Some unique ways of exercise done by Neymar are pillar skip, forward lunges, and multi-directional lunges. The workout schedule designed for this player is to enhance the speed and swiftness of body movement all along.