Have you watched vampire diaries? If yes, then you might surely know Nina Dobrev and how she stuns the show. Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva, known professionally as Nina Dobrev, is a Canadian actress. She has studied dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and acting while growing up.

Nina is beautiful and also works a lot on her body so that she looks incredible and perfect. She is one of the best fitness role models that you would find and is also a brand ambassador of Reebok.

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine And Diet Plan

In this article, we will know about Nina Dobrev and her diet and workout regime. Let us first have a look at the diet plan that she follows.

Nina Dobrev Diet Plan

Nina is a foodie and she is also much disciplined about her diet and what she eats. The main focus she has is that whatever she eats should be healthy and of high quality. Nina has a good approach towards eating because she does not limit herself and focuses to eat that stuff that makes her feel good and real.


  • She starts her day with a smoothed. She also prefers to go out on brunch and have something like pancakes. the smoothie includes good flavors like protein or chocolate, almond milk, and cinnamon. 
  • She mentions if she eats healthy in the morning she is able to spend her day in a much more healthy way.


For lunch, she prefers a salad or a treat. She can indulge in a burger once in a while.


She loves cooking but if she on set then she likes to order food. She prefers to order the healthy harvest bowl that has apples, sweet potatoes, chicken, almonds, and cheese.

Some diet tips:

  • We see that Nina likes to eat a lot of food. She doesn’t like avoiding food or being hungry. Also, she feels if she eats properly then her body feels better and for this, she eats small meals in a day.
  • She keeps nuts, apples, and many other healthy snacks in the big case whenever she wants to have fun or she is working and wants to take a short break.
  • She is 30 years in and as she is getting older she is trying to put her body in shape. Through this, she means that she gives herself small treats and also limits the sugar content she intakes.
  • Like other celebrities, she has tried various diets. She has also tried the vegan diet for some time and also focused on eating the low-carb diet. But we see that clean eating has been the best approach and she prefers whole grains, vegetables, eggs, fish, healthy fats, and a lot more.
Nina Dobrev Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Nina Dobrev Workout Routine:

When she was young she did gymnastics and this made her learn the importance of hard work. She would therefore spend about 4-5 hours working out. After growing up as well she has loved to stay in shape and she has changed her routine. But the desire to look good and healthy hasn’t been altered.

She prefers working out 5 times a week and she tries to go for different training methods to achieve her goals. Some of the favorite forms that she loves practicing involve yoga, running, and strength training.


She loves doing Yoga and she is known for her flexible moves. She tries to attend the yoga sessions and focus on posture and strength.


She does not run as she used to earlier but she prefers different workouts. She has also been a very he fan of running and when she was starring in the famous show the Vampire diaries she would go for running so that she could stay in shape.

Running is also one of her favorite forms of cardio and along with this she also prefers to swim, cycle and also play other sports.

HIIT Workouts:

According to Nina, she likes the HIIT classes and this is because these are just 30 minutes long and helps in burning a lot of calories.

It does not cause any bulk and helps in maintaining a slim body and to get skinny legs this workout is preferable.

Strength training:

She mentions that strength training has changed almost everything in her life and she feels better and stronger with that. When Nina just did Yoga and ran she still felt fat and through strength training she has achieved the perfect lean body that she has desired.

In order to have a slim body, it is better to try the combination of both that is cardio and resistance training and cardio would be the best if you wish to burn fat.

She does this strength training with weights and she is slim so she does not put on bulk easily.

Some tips:

Nina loves fitness and prefers to have a fit life. There are a lot of things that you would love about Nina Dobrev.

  • She loves listening to music and working out while listening to it. This helps her groove and get energy.
  •  She also works out with her friends and goes to the gym with her girls.
  • She wants to be surrounded with positivity and this helps her in achieving goals.
  • She prefers working out in the morning and if she doesn’t she feels sluggish.
  •  She prefers sweating every day even if it is small.
  • She focuses on achieving and her accomplishments and sleeps with good posture.


She is an amazing woman and she is fun and kind about her life. If you want to have a healthy routine follow her tips and tricks.


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