Olivia Culpo is a big name in the fashion industry not because of her beauty but also because of her fit body. She is an American fashion influencer, social media personality and a reality TV star. She also has won many beauty pageants and was crowned as Miss Universe in the year 2012.

Olivia Culpo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Today we are going to discuss Olivia Culpo’s workout routine and the reason behind her fit body. In one of her interview, she stated that to get a perfect look or the desired look one should have a trainer who can guide you through the process.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo Workout Routine

Listed below are the workout techniques that she practices to maintain a perfect body:

  • Cardio Workouts: This workout is very famous among models as it is one of the best fat-burning workouts. Olivia does boxing as it is very good for toning the upper body and also for strength. Other than boxing she also likes to do soul cycling, running and hiking to keep her body fit. All these activities burn a lot of calories and help in keeping the weight off. She also loves running and walking which helps to keep her legs slim and lean.
  • Resistance Exercises: These exercises are generally associated with bodyweight workouts such as planks, push-ups and squats that are combined with a large number of reps. These are intensive workout exercises and helps you to tone up your body and build an appropriate amount of muscles that don’t look over the top. These exercises make your body look leaner.
  • Yoga: Olivia is a lover of yoga, as yoga helps her to stay flexible and relaxed. But in her interview, she stated that it helped her intoning her core, butt and upper body. Yoga also helps her to stay fit not physically but also mentally as it relaxes her mind and body which improves her concentration and releases stress from her body. She loves to do yoga.
  • Focus on the Goal: This is the most important part of her workout routine, as she says that to practice all the exercises one has to focus on the goal and then only you can achieve it. You have to put your heart and soul while working out only then you will be able to get appropriate results of your desired body. For this, she has a personal trainer which keeps her on track and helps her to attain the goal of a perfect body by making her follow the strict workout rules.

From the above routine, we know that we have to work hard to maintain a perfect body. We just don’t have to exercise there are other factors that affect the body like the mind, diet, sleeping pattern. All these things should be followed in a definite pattern and in a never-dying attitude, only then the desired goals will be achieved.

Olivia Culpo Workout

Olivia Culpo Diet Plan

Olivia also has a healthy and nutritious diet to obtain her goal of a perfect body. She follows her diet quite strictly as only then the desired results can be obtained, though there are some cheat days too in between.

The foods that she includes daily in her diet are pineapple, almonds, yoghurt, granola bars and orange juice. All these are an essential part of her diet and helps her for working out and give her energy.

She believes that a healthy diet is a path for a healthy body. As the food is something that is very essential for the body as it provides proper nourishment to the body which helps the body to be in shape and also provides energy for exercising.

So according to Olivia Culpo beside workout routine and diet plan, you also need a good trainer which will help you to get trained and keep you on track and motivate you through the process of getting a perfect body. As it is not so easy to get up daily with the same motivation and workout. Also, not everyone has sufficient knowledge about the workout schedules and not everyone understands that for every body type there is a certain set of exercises to be done to get a perfect body shape.

You should first know your body and then plan the workout schedule and have a healthy diet with an adequate amount of rest and sleep as stated by Olivia Culpo.