One arm barbell row is known as single Arm bent barbell row this is an effective exercise for body and it is engaged for back muscles and this is mainly used to improve the flexibility and strength of the muscle. Each and every moment in the exercise which will help you to draw your shoulder blades towards the backside and also it pushes downwards thereby helps to extend and compress your spine in the body. This exercise will completely help you to improve your shoulder and back muscles.

Steps for One-Arm Barbell Row

Initially, you have to keep your knees slightly bent and then you have to curve towards the forward side and just hold the barbell row with your left hand and place behind the plates. And in later you have to just raise your elbow in your right hand towards your right knee and then automatically you can raise the barbell towards upward and this Barbell should be raised till the plates touch your chest.

One-Arm Barbell Row Guide

Benefits of One-Arm Barbell Row

One arm barbell which strengthens your body Trapezius and Latissimus muscles in your body. This exercise will complete the help to build your muscle elbows and further it helps to shape your elbow in frontwards and backwards in a full range of motion. This exercise will completely help to shape your shoulders.

For one-arm barbell, there are other names such as single-arm row and bent over one arm row. This exercise which completely strengthens your muscles and also so you have to set some precautions level for the beginners set. For this exercise, the equipment which is needed is a barbell and the muscles when you work out the primary and secondary muscles have been grown up and it is very much helpful for setting shoulders biceps and backbones. The basic type of these exercises you have to just pull it friend words and backwards when you do this type of exercise your shoulder muscles are grown up.

One-Arm Barbell Row Guide and Tips

How to Practice One-Arm Barbell Row

  • One arm barbell row is one of the very easiest exercises where just you have to add weight at the one end of the bar and after that, you have to prevent the plate in the barbell and you have to adjust the sliding backward plate just by putting a heavyweight or an object on the floor or else you can just place the other end towards the two converging walls which meet each other.
  • After then you have to keep your knees slightly bent it and curve torso forward and this should be done until it is nearly parallel to the ground level.
  • After then you have to hold the barbell in your left arm on the one end and after the other end, you have to place the weight.
  • For the above procedure, you have to be sure that you have grabbed the place behind it and you have to put your right hand towards your right knee this is the starting position.
  • Then just keep your elbow at a maximum level towards the back simulation and you can automatically raise the barbell towards the plate and slightly you have to contact your place towards the lower chest.
  • Thus contract your back muscles and when you lift your weight you can easily lift up your barbell in a single arm.
  • For just one or two seconds you have to hold the contraction at the top level and then before slowing the barbell position again to the initial position you have to give a nice stretch with the help of your latissimus dorsi.
  • The above steps should be repeated for the desired number of times of repetitions when you perform this exercise with the help of one arm and you can change to another arm.
  • For the beginner’s people if you start doing it step by step it will become very easy and you will be trained up within a short span of period.

One-Arm Barbell Row Instructions:

  • When you start doing this exercise you have to choose a complete flat bench and after then you have to place the dumbbell plates on each side.
  • After then place your right leg towards the top end of the bench then just bend your torso towards the forward side from the waste till it reaches your upper body and then it should be parallel to the floor after then place your right hand to support with the bench.
  • Use your left hand from raising the dumbbell from the floor and you have to completely hold the weight towards backward straight and this is starting position.
  • Give your full energy e and bring till towards your chest keeping your left upper arm very close to your side and when you perform these steps you can continuously perform it very forcedly with a full stretch of back muscles.
  • And then when you give this to the starting position you have to slightly lower your resistance towards downwards and give a breath and then come to your starting position.
  • Repeat this step for the number of repetitions
  • And then practice with another arm.

Some Tips for Single-Arm Barbell Row

  • These tips will be very much useful for the beginner people when you initially start doing this exercise you have to keep your torso completely stationary till you complete the exercises and then you allow the movement of your one arm.
  • When you do this continuously and when you bring your barbell to lower you should not be allowed to touch the ground the plates.
  • Initially, when you start practising this marble single-arm row it is advisable to practice with lighter plates instead of very heavy events this will completely help you to work with very full energy through the full range of motion till you complete it.