This is a supplement and is designed so as to boost the performance of the individuals both in the gym and out of the gym as well.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport

The supplement has ingredients like Cordyceps, Onnit shroom, green tea, and a lot more. It helps in promoting:

This also helps in increasing the strength and may even boost the testosterone. Let us look at the pros and cons of the supplement.



Onnit Shroom-Tech Sport

The company

This is a leading supplement company that is from the USA region. Also, we see that one of the leading products is from the Alpha Brain but the Onnit also has a wide range of supplements that are preferred by the users. The supplements from the Onnit Company include everything that is from the basic MCT oil to the nootropic. The company is founded by Aubrey Marcus and there are a number of people endorsing it.

Also, the company is also known for the testing of the products that ensure the safety and potency of the products. But till now it is regarded to be one of the best products that deliver the required benefits.

Benefits of the supplements:

So let us look at some of the benefits of the supplement.

The supplement is formulated using adaptogenic herbs and these have a lot of mental benefits that even offer resilience to stress and sharp recognition.

So, one can find out how the product comes out to be by looking at its ingredients.

Does the supplement have caffeine?

Yes, the supplement contains some proportion of green tea extract and even caffeine. But the amount of caffeine is very small and it does not have any effect. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, then you need to consult the doctor before using it.

L-Carnitine is missing in the supplement but since it is not essential because our body generates it on its own.

So overall we are happy with the Shroom Tech Sport Formula and this can support healthy energy production.  Also, we are totally in love with the Shroom Tech sport formula and we feel that it is absolutely fruitful to support your health and your energy. It helps to give resistance to stress and even physical performance.

The most important things that one should know are that the ingredients are of high quality and there are no chemicals or fillers in them.

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The best way to take the supplement is in 4 capsules. The capsules are to be taken 45 minutes before any physical activity. This will boost the energy levels and they work best when they are taken on an empty stomach.

One can even take it on the occasional basis to boost the energy. The users need to make sure that they do not intake capsules more than 6 in the 24 hours span as this can have side effects.

This can be taken at night as well but one should not take them at night as this might prevent you from falling asleep. There is some amount of caffeine in it and this can even have a negative effect on sleep. So, if you are taking them before the workout it is best that you take them in the morning or the evening.

How long will the supplement last?

The supplement Shroom Tech Sport will last for about some hours after ingestion and some of the ingredients have great effects on the system. The product has lasting benefits on the mental state as well. For example, the ashwagandha in the product will not immediately show its effects but will start showing them after 1-2 weeks. But once you notice the effects they are felt till one uses the product.

Side effects of taking the supplements:

If you have used the product earlier then you will know that the product is safe and the ingredients are well researched. So, one should be careful if they are going through any medical condition because Ashwagandha can aggravate the disease as it helps in strengthening the immune system and the same is applicable for the Astralagus.

Is it worth the purchase?

We see that the product is available with a 90 day money-back guarantee and if you are buying it for the first time then there is no risk of purchase. The cost is a little high but it is suitable for those who wish to improve their performance. Since the product is good spending a little more is ok.


So, it all depends on what you are looking for in a product. If you want energy and be mentally sharp then it is quite suitable also, there are overnight results of the supplement as well. We even see that the supplement needs the user to be active and even take proper sleep.

This is not a miracle product and it does not have any major side effects as well but if you want to walk an extra mile and top workout more this is one of the best.


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