Phillip Jerrod Heath is popularly known as Phil Heath. He is more popular as The Gift and he works as an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is the fourth time winner of Mr Olympia since 2011. Since his childhood, he had been an athletic person. He loved to play basketball when he was in high school.

Phillip Jerrod Heath

Interest in bodybuilding:

He first got interested in bodybuilding in 2002, but he started doing it professionally in 2005. He got the entry in IFBB pro championship.  He also won at the National Physique Committee and since then there has been a success only.

In the year 2014 Phil Heath outlasted his rival Kai Greene third time in a row and claimed his fourth consecutive Mr Olympia title on Saturday night. It was the 50th edition of Joe Weider’s Olympia in Las Vegas.

Vital statistics:

Phil Heath was born on 18th December 1979 and he stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs 113 kg.

Phil Heath Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Heath does follow an extensive workout routine in the gym.  The schedule lasts for 2 hours. His guide in the gym is Hany Rambod, the famous person who had devised the FST-7 system. He believes in training each body part two times. This theory was supported by bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. The training is split in four days for weightlifting and a rest day in between. A day is dedicated for cardio and the weekends with a rest day.

Phil Heath Workout Routine

This is how the gym routine looks like:

Phillip Jerrod Heath Workout

Phil Heath Diet Plan

As Heath does high volume heavy training, he needs an appropriate amount of food. As a basketball player Heath used to take two to three meals a day but now as he became a bodybuilder, he needs to eat seven meals per day to keep up the strength.

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His meal portion and content differ due to his daily schedule, before and after the season he takes different amount and content in his meal. This happens because the meal amount decides if he is going to lose or gain muscle. It makes him ready for a competition. When he is not preparing for any competition the meal gets much different.

These are the seven meals for his pre-contest diet:

When Heath is not preparing for any competition then the meals get different. This is his everyday diet and this diet benefits him in many ways.


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