Ryan Steven Lochte is an American competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist. He has won a total of 90 medals in major international competition, including six Olympic gold medals and 39 world championship titles.

Lochte specializes in the backstroke and individual medley but is also a freestyle and butterfly swimmer. 

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The superstar swimmer Ryan Lochte, who won the gold medal in Olympics, is also a star by his look and physique. His workouts, however, are not confined within the water. He follows an elaborate schedule of exercises which makes him look fabulous and also fitter than his competitors. He is a hardcore fitness freak and the sweat and effort he puts on his exercising sessions, worth the prize and popularity he owns.

Ryan Lochte Workout Routine

He says to have followed the Strongman style workout. Flipping tyres, lifting heavy stones and doing some other unconventional exercises including higher strength makes one strong and hard. The plus point of this kind of exercise is, it takes the full strength of the core in its movements and thus you need to apply the whole body strength to do these.  There are compound exercise patterns like deadlifts and farmer’s walks, squats, bent over or rope swings which meant exercising from the core.

Also, explosive movements like high jump, throwing objects which are really heavy and medicine ball slamming make the workout full of power movements. Speed and fast movement are the key strength of any swimmer so these exercises are great for his body. He mixes compound exercises with Strongman exercise in his workout routine. So here is a sneak-peek into hid daily workout routine.

  • There are two sets of exercises he follows; the first set is followed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Deadlifts, farmer’s walks, squats, rope swings, bent over rows are done each with 10 to 12 reps and for 3-4 sets. Then he lifts weights and trains into the pool. 100,200 and 400-meter swimming is done repeatedly by him every day. Then kettlebell, cross-fit, tyre flip and keg tosses are done with 10 reps in 3-4 sets. Twice a week he lifts metal logs. He completes 5000-10000 strokes in every 2 hours along with 20 sets of sandbag squats.

  • On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday he follows below routine.

Squats, rope swings, bent over rows, flips, keg tosses, kettlebells, farmer’s walk and bent over ropes all with 5-6 sets in 10 reps, 3 to 4 sets of cross fit, deadlifts with 10 reps, 30 sets of burpees and 3 sets of chest press on the back along with the weight plate for 10 reps.

He believes in mental fitness too, and also he makes it work likewise. Some other theories he believes in are:

  • According to weather, the workout schedule should be altered.
  • One should find the workout set challenging and push him or herself more and more to get a better result.
  • Diet plays a valuable part in fitness.

So diet, as according to Lochte, is an important part of being fit. And we will now discuss his.

Ryan Lochte Workout Routine

Ryan Lochte Diet Plan

Ryan, like many other athletes, eats lots of food, but he always keeps it clean. He had left eating junk food like peanut butter and jam sandwiches after he got into professional swimming.  But his regular intake counts to 8000 calories approximately.

  • His breakfast contains 5 to 6 eggs with spinach, tomatoes and ham. He likes to keep green in all his meals.
  • Other items that are included in the breakfast are hash brown, oatmeal, fruits and pancakes.
  • His favourite drink is French vanilla coffee with one cube of sugar and cold milk.
  • Chicken Alfredo is his favourite dish which is often cooked by his own chef, Glenn Lyman.  All the food Ryan eats is high in protein.
  • He takes a meal before two or three hours of any race. He takes caffeine pill and often he chews on bars with peanut butter.
  • Cucumber pasta, which is the healthier version of this much popular food, is his favourite now. He takes a big steak with that.
  • Friday is his cheat day so he indulges in pizza, chicken wings and mountain dew. He loves his food and he thinks eating healthy is a basic habit.
  • He also loves filets, sweet potatoes, broccoli and other cooked vegetables.
  • For deserts, he sometimes takes mint chocolate chip ice cream.

He loves his food as much as he loves his work out sessions. He is a foodie, as we have seen from his diet plan, but he maintains the balance by doing terrible workouts.