It’s the dumbbell overhead press which increases the strength throughout the shoulders and engages the core for stability. It can be done in either a sitting or standing position and with dumbbells held horizontally at the shoulders or rotated in a hammer grip.

When it’s about seated overhead dumbbell press one need to sit and perform the exercise as mentioned. In the sitting position one helps to stabilize the back but in standing position works a wider range of muscles.

For the beginners, it’s advisable to pick a lightweight to start and then increase it until you find a weight that can lift with good form for 10 repetitions. But feel fatigues when it’s the final rep. women might start with 5-pound dumbbell and a man can start with 10-pound dumbbells. The exercise can be used as a strengthening workout for the upper body.


As a preferable exercise, the seated overhead dumbbell press works in every aspect of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. But if it’s an overhead press with an exercise machine or barbell dumbbell it would offer with some unique benefits.


With the use of the dumbbell, you have more of activation of the anterior front deltoid than when using a barbell. You can also identify whether the performer has an imbalance in your shoulder strength. While performing this in standing position you will feel it challenging to core muscles to stabilize during the press. In day to day living its necessary to place objects on shelves above your head and this exercise will help in building strength to perform it safely.

How to do Seated overhead dumbbell press

Performing it is quite convenient as

  • Sit down on a bench and then raise two dumbbells to shoulder level with your palms facing forward.
  • Then drive your feet into the ground and press the weight directly overhead.
  • On the weighing bench with an upright back support, grab a barbell using a double overhand grip so your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Then slowly bend the arms and lower the barbell to your collar bone with keeping the elbows by your sides.
  • Grip the barbell firmly, press it overhead until your elbows are completely locked out.
  • After a second pause, slowly come down back to the starting position with inhaling.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

The exercise can be done sitting with a hammer grip in which the palms are turned in towards your face. Use of a barbell is an additional option.


Variation in Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press

The exercise is performed both standing and sitting on a regular flat bench and for people with lower back problems; the version described is the recommended one.

The exercise as Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do it, when starting it you can hold the dumbbell with a supinated grip in front of your shoulders and then you can start pushing up, and then align the dumbbells in the starting position described in steps by rotation of wrists and touching the dumbbells at the top. As coming down you would go back to the starting position by rotating the wrist throughout the lowering portion until the palms of your hands are facing self.

This variation is called the Arnold press. This is indeed not recommended if you have rotator cuff problems.

Is it easy to perform

With the seated overhead dumbbell press the performance is in a lower 1RM. The majority of the overhead pressing exercises require greater stability while standing. This would demonstrate greater neuromuscular activity in the deltoid muscles when compared to exercise that is performed seated and with a dumbbell.


This gyming exercise offers with quite impressive benefits.

Helps build big delts

The exercise provides emphasizes on the deltoids with moderate to heavy loads. With sitting posture, you can easily lift some weight and that is with the barbell overhead press.

You can still move heavy ass iron. And here you don’t know that you must continually increase stress on the muscle to build muscle and that too per the principle of progressive overload. Even while using this seated overhead dumbbell press one can keep adding weight to the dumbbell shoulder press indefinitely as it becomes a prime shoulder building exercise choice.

Get wider shoulders

The exercise uses Dumbbells and you can hold and manoeuvre the weights freely than with a barbell. So the dumbbell press hits the lateral deltoids more intensely than barbell shoulder press movements. The end would result with a developed outer deltoid head that would provide with more “capped” shoulders and a more profound “V- taper” look.

Work the stabilizer muscles

The dumbbells force you to move the weights individually with each hand, you must utilize stabilizer muscles. This is going to provide the benefit with the improved control and balances of the shoulders and upper arms.

Achieve symmetry

As like the barbell overhead press movements, the seated overhead dumbbell press makes it impossible to complete reps by using the stronger side of your body for compensating to the weaker side. The dumbbell shoulder press due to that can prevent or correct strength and muscle size imbalances between your right and left upper arms.

The seated overhead dumbbell press works on deltoids (posterior, medial and anterior shoulder), triceps, traps, upper chest.

One move for big shoulder

For those who are in the basic move to make their chest strong can take this option as the best one. Just take the dumbbell, sit on the chair and press them over your head.

To that, you can start with just one and proceed with what weight you want to put on. With the sitting one, you don’t have any risk of back problems and definitely you are going to feel comfortable and relaxing in your performance.

It’s a must that you can take it as a routine and then with the Arnorl press. By the time you end up with the workouts, you can have bigger and bolder shoulders that will make it appear you have some best to getting huge.