It’s always best to determine off first which pet would best fit your lifestyle, like a dog or a cat. Sometimes this is a simple answer because some people are not cat people, while some aren’t dog people. But if you are both, then there are several components to think about.

First, when determining on whether to adopt a dog or a cat, pick on what your lifestyle is currently like.

Choosing the Right Pet

Have you been away from home regularly, as in traveling or vacationing a lot or long workdays? If so, a cat may be the better option. Provided that there’s a water bowl, an automatic feeder, and a clean litter box cats can be left alone for the whole day. What’s more, depending upon the individual cat and its particular needs, they may be left for a few days at one time, which is very beneficial if you travel or move on regular vacations.


Don’t forget, though, that if you do choose to adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue, most of these dogs will probably be mixed breed puppies. For this reason, you’ll need to consider the characteristics and personality traits of all presenting breeds within the dog.

Also, the real personality of the dog might not show straight away, there’s always an adjustment period for both the adopted pet as well as the people; more so if the pet hasn’t been staying with a foster family.

Other important factors you will want to consider are the size and age of dog. Is there a lawn or an area to walk the puppy? These variables can help determine if a small, moderate, or large breed would be best. In terms of the age of the puppy, will you have time to potty-train, teach ways to, and manage a puppy? Or, would a dog that’s already educated and a bit older be a much better match?

There is a tranquility and bond which makes a difference in mental health.”

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reasoned that pet owners had more feelings of belonging and purposeful existence, and of course a greater self-esteem, than those without pets.

Ms. Johnson has tried to shed light on why this is the case, acknowledging:”Pets are totally non-judgmental, do not have an agenda, take you at face value, and they do not care what you look like or the way you behave — they love unconditionally, and that boots self-esteem. Confidence can be made better from the simple fact that dogs love you no matter what, and to the exact same extent, cats are extremely loving for their owners”

Pets and Human Health:

Here is how pets can improve our lifestyle.

Having a pet is actually beneficial for our health. It boosts our disposition and helps to deal with several health problems. So, here’s why having a pet is very good for all of us.

Most of us know that it feels great to have a pet at your home. We can cultivate them like our own baby and supply them with an improved and wholesome life. Apart from that, creatures can improve our health as well. They help us to deal with depression, lower blood pressure and boost our mood and that’s been shown by specialists.

The majority of the animals, particularly, dogs are attached to humans emotionally. Thus, having them really makes you healthy and happy.

Pets and their positive effects on our health:

  1. Be it be a cat, dog or fish or even some people choose bearded dragon, seeing them makes you feel great and happy as your body goes through many changes that enhance your mood. The stress hormone cortisol begins to get diminished, whereas the level of dopamine, a joyful hormone, rises.
  2. Children with high blood pressure can also be benefitted with that.
  3. Whenever you have a pet in your own life, your triglycerides and cholesterol levels tend to turn into normal and healthy. That’s possibly due to the busy lifestyle.
  4. Pet owners are less likely to die due to any cardiac disease like heart attack. Even research has found that people following a heart attack have an improved heart health after having a pet.
  5. No one loves you more unconditionally compared to a furry friend. Therefore, it helps to alleviate your depression too. They can listen to you speaking for a very long time making you feel calmer.