Women have broken through the glass ceiling, and they’re now more and more in the power seats. Women are doing so many things and showing their intellectual personality to the world. Women’s are participating in all activities; it may be self–employed, painting, education sectors, Sports and many more activities in which men are participating. A single woman can win everything with her intellectual personality.

But the most pessimistic thing is that women are not safe nowadays. They are a victim of all kind of criminals. They can’t walk alone on the street. No women are safe despite being so many strict rules by the Govt. Nowadays it’s quite difficult to identify delinquent and psychopath who walks freely without fear and atrocious intention.

In developing countries, such kind of heinous intention faced by many women and the government is not taking enough strict actions. Self-defence is the most important part of today’s world for women to protect themselves against rape, molestation, stalking, and sexual abuse etc. Rapes case keeps piling up nowadays. Women must aware of such kind of problems and all women should know some safety tips so that nobody can harm them. To pull you out from these threatening situations, we have the best advice, with must-know moves for you.

Self-Defense Tips

Self-Defense: Basic Tips Every Woman Should Know

Knowledge is power. You can defend yourself if you know where and how to strike. For that reason, we write this article on how to defend yourself if you found such intruders in your way. All women need to be aware and must know some hacks and self-defence tips to save themselves and other women also. So let’s begin with these prior awareness tips to safe you to become a victim.

Stay Aware and Be Prepared

In this crime world, criminals keep piling up without fear. Mental preparation is the first step to protect you to become a victim and always have a plan so you won’t be frightened in such situations. Enrol in a self-defence class. Start to learn some self-defence techniques to protect yourself. Try to understand your intuition once you feel something bad or uncomfortable. Try to form a mental image for self-defence techniques.

Emphasis More on Your Surroundings

Try to be more vigilant towards your surroundings, people and their intuitions. Keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Limit distractions like phone, listening to songs in mobile once you outside walking from place to place or other public places. Because these things keep you busy and make you unaware of surrounding and criminals can easily target you.

Present Yourself With Confidence

Be aware of the message your body sends to those around you. Just like animals, human predators target those they consider the weakest or most vulnerable. Attackers search for women who appear frightened, confused or distracted. They look for women who look nervous and walk with their head down. Attackers want an easy target. By walking with confidence and awareness, you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of becoming a target in the first place. 

Practice Target Denial

Don’t make yourself an accessible target. Escape from the situation when you have the opportunity before it turns bad. If a person approaching gives you the creeps, simply walk to the other side of the street. If you feel you are being followed, stay on the busy streets with people around so that help is at hand when needed. Self-defence is about knocking someone’s out, it’s about keeping ourselves safe. Defend yourself as a final resort and run from the situation as soon as you can. These actions don’t make you a coward. They’re smart ways to avoid the danger.

Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t feel right to you, then ist probably not safe. Many women tend to ignore the little voice that tells them trouble is coming. Trust your instincts, because it is the best detector of danger. So the next time you hear that little voice, listen to what it’s saying. That’s the bottom line.

Keep a Safe Distance

Everyone has personal space or a comfort zone. When an attacker enters that zone, you feel uncomfortable. You should try to maintain approximately one arm or more lengths between yourself and the attacker because you’d need that space if you had to fight back. Always ready to not allow them to enter your space. If he starts closing in, use verbal boundaries. If he still doesn’t back off, and get closer to you, it’s time to get physical.

Call for Help

If you find something mischievous, call immediately for help. Yell out in public places to distract criminal. And it will also rouse the attention of people around you. In this way, it creates fear in the attacker’s mind and he might try to escape from you. Call the Police or local emergency services if you feel you are in a danger.

Don’t Panic and Keep Calm

Don’t panic. Most attackers are not skilled fighters; they are bullies who want to scare you or knock you down and force you to comply. So keep calm and prepare your mind and body to escape or fight with them. Remember that groin kick and eye strike work well.

Keep Small Weapons Handy

You need to know more about how small weapons like a pen, keys, and umbrella help you out through such threatening situations. If you feel unsafe, use your car keys to defend yourself. Stick them out from one side of your fist for hammer strikes.

You can also keep pepper spray in your purse. Pepper spray can cause tearing, irritation and even temporary blindness when sprayed directly into the eyes. Always prepare yourselves with small weapons to attack them.

Be Ready to Attack

If you sense trouble, act promptly. Immediately prepare to fight if somebody tries to attack you. Make sure always keep your hands close to your chest and place your foot far apart a bit. This way you are ready to fight and this is the 1st step to prepare your body for the fight.

Attacks on Weak Points

Once you are ready for attack, always remember weak points in bodies: Neck, Groin, Eyes, and Nose. Groin kick/knee with force is enough to paralyze your attacker and make your escape from that place easily. If your attacker is too close and you don’t have enough room to move to perform a groin kick/knee consider using other parts of the body to strike.

Some easy techniques to fight back:

  • If someone comes from behind you, use your heels to hit the front of their shin, so that you can easily damage their lower leg.
  • You can also stomp at your attacker’s feet with your heels.
  • If someone grabs you from behind, aim for their nose. Throw your head back with full strength to inflict enough pain.
  • The groin is the most sensitive areas. Gain a stable stance and extend your dominant leg, and kick forcefully or thrust your knee toward the groin. Enough force can paralyze your attacker.
  • If your attacker is in close range, strike your elbow into your attacker’s neck, jawline, or temple.
  • Bite down any body part that comes close to your face. This will be effective even if your hands are tied.
  • Start a habit of walking with keys in your hands. Use your keys to slash your attacker’s face if you get attacked.
  • Avoid aiming for chest and knees as it tends to be ineffective and requires specific strike that can be too risky for the average person.

Join some Self-Defense classes and Martial Arts

We people always want to engage ourselves in something so why not engage in such things that may help us later in a threatening situation. We would recommend you to join self-defense classes. Martial arts is also a good option for you to engage yourself. The following Martial Arts/Self defence disciplines you can consider:

  • Jujutsu
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Taekwondo
  • Krav Maga
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)

No matter what type of self-defense class you take, practising self-defense can help you develop muscle memory. In a fight-or-flight response, this muscle memory can help you escape from an attacker.


Nowadays it quite difficult to understand others intentions. Criminals and physocpath are wandering without fear. So women need to be very vigilant towards their surrounding. Basic self-defense knowledge can put you in a spot to properly defend yourself. Once your attacker knows that you can fight, it becomes more difficult for you to prevail. We hope this article definitely give you a glimpse of an idea to protect yourself to become a victim.

Calm, but alert. Relaxed, but ready. Smooth, but sharp. Humble, but confident.