Serena Williams was born on 26th September 1981, she is known as Serena Jameka Williams. She is one of the greatest popular professional tennis players. When she was at the age of 23 she was popularized in singles and she is one of the popular figures in modern tennis world.

Serena Williams is also very much interested in athletics she is strictly works out her body to keep her the body fit and also to improve her performance in athletics. She works out heavily to strengthen her arms, legs and butt and also to keep her body fit and strong.

Serena Williams’s routine workout

Serena Williams who is very fit and freak and also she enjoys very much in working out in gym. She concentrates completely to work out and also she maintains healthy body always. In early 2000 she was admitted in the hospital since she followed strenuous workout plan in order to maintain her body healthy and also to keep herself away from injury she is struggle lot to become popularity.

  • In order to solve all the health fitness issues she appointed renowned sports manager from America known as Mackie shilston and he was her personal trainer and he helped her to overcome all the fitness issues.

Her personal trainer Mackie shilston completely helped her in lot way he created a complete effective diet plan and also he introduced the workout plan and drilled her to do all the exercises which will be helpful for her to improve her endurance and also which will completely focus in increasing our flexibility and also it will build the muscle functionality also.

Serena Williams was always focused on eliminating fat body she concentrated simply in speeding her up with the help of rate of metabolism.

Serena Williams’s workout chart

Serena Williams strictly follows the workout chart in order to maintain her body fit and healthy.

Serena Williams’s workout

Usually she does 10 minutes warm up exercise such as cardio workout in that she will include Zumba exercise also since this Zumba will help the blood flow easily.

Arm workout

In this arm workout she used to repeat possibly for about 3 to 4 minutes

  • Plank rows
  • Rolling neck tucks
  • Fitness ball transfer
  • Resistance band hip extensions

Butt exercise

She performs this but exercise for about 3 to 5 setups for each exercise only then the desired output will be produced.

  • Barbell front squat
  • Barbell pause squat
  • Barbell box squat

Leg exercises

Serena Williams works out for about 4 to 5 sets in each exercise

  • Pillar holds
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Dumbbell step ups
  • Leg crunch
  • Dumbbell walking lungs

Abs workout

Serena Williams is one of the popular tennis players she has to do many complicated exercises this abs workout is not so easy but still Serena Williams’s works out to keep her body fit and energetic.


In this TRX you have to you keep your feet on the TRX strap and then you have to stabilize by pulling yourself on both your knees towards the chest and you have to play and release it for 15 times and Serena Williams performs for 3 sets.


Serena Williams her personal trainer says that it is a very great exercise to start with planks but this exercise is very much essential to perform, this helps to keep her body fit and flexibility in this exercise you have to fix a cable which should be placed stable and you have to move the forearm position towards the plank. In order to get effective results Serena Williams repeat for or three sets.


Sprinting is one of the heaviest exercises where you can lose your weight easily and you can move your body into the sprinting position for about 20 seconds and this helps to lose all your fatty acids inside the body.

Medicine ball

Medicine ball exercise is very good for knees and belly this medicine ball which weighs for about 6 to 8 pounds in this you have to continue the swinging position diagonally and you have to do it as much as fast within your energy when you do this the complete fat molecules in the belly comes out. Serena Williams does this exercise extremely fine and she keeps her diet plan strict since she is very much concentrated in athletics and tennis.

Serena Williams diet plan

Serena Williams strictly follows the diet plans since she is very much concentrated in athletics field so she is strictly intakes only lot of fruits and vegetables to her meals. She completely takes care of her diet since she travels lot but she never compromises on her diet chart. Serena Williams strictly follows raw vegan diet especially during the tennis season. During the time of tennis she eats plenty of beans sprouted quinoa, nuts and lentils. During this time she occasionally eats some of her favorites which include fried Chicken, moon pies and grits.

Serena William’s daily diet chart

  • During her breakfast she intakes a cup of oats with toppings of almond butter, strawberry and tangerine and also she takes supplements which helps to boost her metabolism.
  • The late morning snack she eats her favorite toaster Ezekiel sandwich bread with almond butter toppings.
  • During the time of lunch she takes salad which contains one cup of spinach, Cherry tomatoes 1 cup lettuce and Mandarin oranges. With this she takes some lemon juices, sliced almonds and pistas.
  • For afternoon snack she occasionally takes her favorite grilled chicken then with this she takes fat burning drinks such as cinnamon tea or lemon juice or Matcha green tea.
  • For her dinner she eats a cup of brown rice with Chia seeds and with hemp seeds and also intakes with some fresh veggies salad.