Strength building exercises really helps us in increasing our undiscovered strength so kettlebell clean and press does that for us. Don’t know whether you know this or not that clean and press workout is very easy to do. This way is found as one of effective way to develop a strong and ripped core. Every individual exercise has its own kind of benefit and loss so if you are going to single out something make sure it is going to work for you.

Kettlebell clean and Jerk techniques

  • The very first thing is assuming a shoulder –width stance then you will have to hold a kettlebell by the help of handle with an overhand grip.
  • Now you have to execute the clean just by extending the kettlebell via your legs and hips. You have to pull it towards your shoulder. When you will be doing this act you will have to rotate your wrist. Your palm would be facing forward.
  • Then the very next thing which you have to do is squatting down with the help of your knees and keeping the torso upright.
  • Now you will have to drive through heels in the reverse direction and then you have to jump for creating a momentum. Now you have to use your body’s momentum and spread your arms to jerk or press the weight over your head to a lockout.
  • Now nest thing which would have to go for absorbing the weight of the kettlebell over your head by descending to the squat position.
  • Then you will have to return to the exact position (standing position) by keeping the kettlebell overhead.
  • Now doing next rep, you will have to lower the kettlebell to the ground.

Overhead strength and stability

The kettlebell clean and press would help you in improving overhead stability and strength because of the asymmetrical loading of the kettlebells and the requirement for the scapular stabilization in the press. Similarly to the other overhead pressing movements and the kettlebell clean and press would increase upper back strength, shoulder development and then you can increase the core and scapular and this is one of important thing for the overhead mechanics.


Positional strength for squatting –

Now when it comes to the kettlebell squatting either with one or two kettlebells is highly in concern on the upper back strength, scapular stability and anterior chain (this would help in hip, flecors, quads and abs). This would completely help in developing proper technique and positional strength. This positional strength is helpful in keeping you discipline while keeping body in control during the strict or push press overhead.

Power production (hips)

It is very similar to the kettlebell swing and the barbell power clean the kettlebell clean (single kettlebell or double) teaches for having powerful hip. The kettlebell could be done with heavier loads and developing power outputs.


Clean press works as eight different muscle groups. It helps in strengthening lower hips, hamstrings, gluets on the other hand upper half of the movement would target your shoulders, arms, back and chest. On the other hand the complete move depends on your engaging your core. There are so many parts of training which varies according to the desire and need.

  • Now when we look at power training which becomes important for the athletes who would require a sudden burst of the activity in their sports. Basically it helps in jumping and sprinting. So those who even do not focus on particular sports use power exercise to push the heart rate to anaerobic levels which adds up higher calorie burn to their overall workout.

Some mistakes to avoid

So while working on these things there are some of things which you need to take care otherwise you will be injured and strained.

Rounding the back – This is one of thing that your upper back should follow straight while you will be uplifting weight. Otherwise you will have to tolerate great cause.

Grip Position – This is one of such position which you will have to take care. Just focus on grip and that should be 2 inch wider than your shoulder. Your wrist can be at risk while going for all of those things.

Keep safety priority

When people go for such things this is one of thing which they keep aside. They believe whatever they are going to do it would help them in some way. But this is not the truth there are so many people because of doing wrong they have to face.

While doing such exercises and learning new things, working on our strength. It takes so much strength in itself to do, because slight mistake could turn the story for you.

  • You will have to tolerate even more. Life is a gift and you are even more blessed when you have got opportunity to increase your strength and explore your ability but while doing those processes you need to take care of yourself. You need to be your caretaker.


All of things have been told to you the process soft techniques and its profit. Now keeping your safety balanced that is in your hand. Our body parts keep so much importance so when you are going to be part kettle bell do it, increase your strength and learn even more and more. But do not compromise with anything.

Rest you cannot become what you want in just a single day but you can become that gradually. You can become that with time. Our body parts are every sensitive so whatever you are going to do make sure safety will be the first thing in your mind.

You must have complete knowledge about things so that it could help you to know where to take care even more. Where you can pay less attention! Rest of things are okay with this. This cannot happen until you firmly take your responsibility of taking care and having complete information about these things.