Are you aware of the workout routine of the actor? Well, if you are not then you can know regarding it through the information that is provided below.

We see that Taye Diggs is also known as Scott Diggs and he is a famous actor. After he performed his debut role in the Rent he came into the limelight.

He attended the Syracuse University and there he received the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field of musical theatre. He was also spotted as a talent agent in the Guiding light here he had to perform the soap opera. The first film that he performed was How Stella got her groove back and it was released in 1998. The other films that he performed include the Best man, the best man’s wedding, and the Best man holiday along with the haunted hill.

Taye Diggs Workout Routine And Diet Plan

He is known for his good physique and he is 5 feet 10 inches tall, whereas the weight is around 183 pounds and the arms are 16 inches.

Taye Diggs Workout Routine

Taye Diggs Workout Routine

Taye Diggs uses a lot of weighs to perform the workout.

Chin up:

The actor starts his workout with the chin up, and this exercise is the mass builder for the biceps and the forearms. For this, the users need to hold the bar with a grip and then pull one up till the chin reaches higher than the bar, after this slowly lower you. Squeeze the biceps as well. Do focus on the negative part and perform 3 sets. Take the rest of about 60 seconds in between.

Dumbbell curl – 3 sets and 15 reps:

The actor prefers to use a light dumbbell for this exercise. Grab the dumbbells and keep your arms forward. Keep your back straight and your feet a little apart. After this curl the dumbbell by bending your elbow inwards and then slowly lower the dumbbells. You need to focus on the negative parts of this and take the rest of 60 seconds in between as well.

Concentration Curl:

This is almost the best exercise that you can do. You need to place your elbows between your thighs and then after this lean or keep the other hand on the knee, also curl the dumbbells and flex the biceps. Lower the dumbbell again. You need to focus on the lowering part of the dumbbell. Make sure that you do not injure your wrist in the process. Take the rest of 60 seconds in between the sets.

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Bench press:

For this, you need to lay on the bench hold the barbell with grip, and then position your hands keeping a distance of few inches. Now push the bar up till it touches your chest and does make sure you focus on the movement when you lower the barbell. Do not accidentally bounce the barbell on your chest and pay attention. Take the rest of 30 seconds in between the sets.

Bench Diggs:

For this exercise, you need to hold the hands, lean the feet and then lower the body so that the butt touches the ground. After that, you need to see that you extend your elbow fully and also focus on the negative parts of the movement. Take the rest of 60 seconds in between it. 

Taye Diggs Diet Plan

The actor follows a simple yet healthy diet plan. The typical diet of Taye digs involves the following:

Breakfast: It includes eggs, fresh vegetables, milk, biscuits, snacks, and morning cereal.

Lunch: Fruits and nuts, salads, rolls, envelope, fruits and vegetables, and foods that have low carbohydrate content.

Dinner: Low carb pasta and chicken breast. Apart from his diet, Taye digs to follow a sport, like he likes to play basketball to stay fit and also loves to play soccer with his son.

Both sports are good for cardiovascular exercise. The routine includes lifting weights and pilates as well. Pilates is good for muscle building and keeps the muscle toned.


The actor follows a good workout routine to his body toned and along with that also takes a good intake. Moreover, the ones who want a body like him should follow his routine and diet plan. 


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