The term social distancing has evaded our life since the last few weeks and we are all desperately hoping to get back to normal life. By normal life, we mean the regular lives, when we will do our regular chores, go out to reach office and come back in the evening to take rest and be prepared for the next working day. The regular weekends would be cherished and looked for, and those who do not go to the office would do the regular household works and shop for groceries, in total, the normal life.

COVID-19 has changed our lives like nothing else. We are now locked up in our respective residences. Some people are finding it hard to manage so much time locked in the home. Some others are coping with the extra leisure hours by picking some hobbies. Those who are not able to deal with the free hours and getting mad can take a cue from the ones who have mastered the art of staying sane during this lockdown period, which has been put to keep us safe.

Things to do while under Quarantine

Things to do while under Quarantine

So here are some fun tips to live through the lockdown period, which can make your life easier and better.

1. Try fun activities:

Pick a fun puzzle and try to solve it. Or search for adult colouring books and puzzles you can print online. It may sound childish, but try it and we are sure that if you calm down for a moment and concentrate on it, it will ultimately save you from many worries and depressions. You will love the excitement when you will be able to win it.

2. Get on a call with friends:

Call an old friend or relative with whom you have lost touch for no other reason but for the simple scarcity of time. We all have been socially barred by the work pressure and busy daily schedule. It is the time to relive those old connections and get connected with an old colleague or school buddy.

3. Finish up the chores: 

I know that this isn’t any fun, but if you’re stuck at home, then it is a no-excuse time to be finishing up chores that you’ve been putting aside for weeks. Do your laundry, organize your closet, purge your home clean, and tidy up. A fun way to do this is to put on a playlist and get going.

4. Brush up your skills:

You can pick a new instrument which will be a nice hobby of yours. Many of us wish to learn to play some musical instrument which needs practice. Practice needs time and we are unable to dedicate the needed time due to our hectic daily life. Now you can learn to make some music simply by getting enrolled in an online class, which will not need you to go out of your house. Make sure you do not bother your neighbour at the next door.

5. Take up the habit of reading:

Read all the books that you have by now bought or listed in kindle. It only applies to the bibliophile though. It is a common issue with many of them that the books they have chosen to read but have never found enough time even on the weekends. Now, when you have practically nothing to do, except the household chores which you have to do as maids are also locked down in their homes, you can read them with utmost pleasure.

6. Write a journal or start your own blog:

If you have the knack for writing, then this is the time to start your own blog. You can start by writing a journal or diary on hard copy, and then if you find that it is still interesting to you, try writing a blog. Choose a topic of your choice and get some information. Or else you can simply write about the experience you are having through this period. It will surely fetch you some fame as well as help you to pass the time more fruitfully.

7. Binge watch a TV show: 

It’s not like we need an excuse to binge-watch a tv show while withdrawing social life. But now is the precise time to withdraw from social life, so why not get yourself a snack, snuggle up in the bed with your blanket, and let time whiz by with a tv show or two. The most popular streaming platforms are Netflix (check Netflix Orginal true-crime series), Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now and HBO Go, etc.

8. Connect with nature:

This is something we have almost forgotten to do as a modern race. See the sun to rise from the balcony or the rooftop of your apartment. Do meditation in the sombre ray of setting sun. Water the plants that are kept at the window sill and watch them grow, find the joy in checking the new bud or leaf that is coming out eventually.  It will fill you with joy and peace.

9. Practice yoga or exercise:

Can’t go to the gym? There are plenty of ways to stay in good health and practice de-stressing from home. It could be in the form of yoga, meditation, or a quick indoor workout. Chose the one you like and that fits your lifestyle. There is a number of virtual fitness programs to choose from. There are fitness apps like FitOn, Pocket Yoga, FitBit Coach and MyFitnessPal, etc. You can also find workout and yoga videos on YouTube.

10. Start prepping your garden:

If you have a yard, planter box, or even a pot on a window ledge, there is no balm to the soul greater than planting seeds. So it’s time to think about readying your garden for summer. Being outside can help with warding off cabin fever, too.

11. Bond with your pet:

Spending more time with your pet, if you have any, is a great way to learn more about them. Or else feed the birds that come to the window. You can feed the stray animals like cats and dogs who are now mostly starving due to this lockdown.

12. Cook:

Cook yourself, as ordering food is now not a plausible option, and the maid is on leave. Even if you do not like cooking, do not feed yourself on the instant noodles at a row of a week or two. Begin with some simple cuisine and indulge yourself in much popularised Dalgona coffee or pan-grilled sandwiches. You can check Pinterest for a baking project. You will be amazed to find how tasty the food is when it is cooked by your own hands.


This is a crucial and hard time for the nation, for the world and for the race. We must brace ourselves to get over this period and wait for a better time to come. So when we do this together, let us do this with some enthusiasm and good habits.