Samuel Tim McGraw, born May 1, 1967, is an American country singer, actor, guitarist, and record producer. He is a music superstar and with a height of 5’10 and 175 lbs he has an incredible appearance. He is a dad of three and is also very popular among his countrymen. Most of the people remember him being on the heavier side but that was thirteen years ago. He is now absolutely fit and people are willing to know the diet and workout plan of the music star.

Her daughter pointed out that he looks heavy on the big screen and this is what made him realize that he has lost track of his fitness. Also, he was an athletic guy earlier and weighed about 215 pounds. He stopped eating the truck stop foods, drinking alcohol, and even burgers. He started a morning walk routine and started to go on walks in the morning.

Tim McGraw Workout Routine and Diet Plan

McGraw started hitting the gym as well and lifting weights. Also, he noticed that this also helped his singing, and apart from health, it was very helpful.

Also, he mentioned that he used his whole body to sing, and since he started working out and spent more time on his fitness it made his voice stronger.  His workouts began turning serious and we also feel that he brought equipment on tour and also worked out with his band using the tips and knowledge that his trainer gave him.

Tim McGraw Workout Routine

Tim McGraw Workout Routine

Tim McGraw is very proud of his transformation and along with that the hard work that he has done is also very evident. Also, he is very healthy now and if he is not traveling he makes sure that he works out three times a day and this workout session is around 3-4 hours. He mentions that he does not get tired of training and workout but the feeling of accomplishment that he has at his age makes him very happy. Also, he has shared his health routine with the Health magazine as well.

Morning workout

For the morning workout routine, he prefers to do some cardio and even run and play basketball.

Afternoon workout

This workout session includes more cardio and cross-fit sessions as well. After this, he also tries to do weight training.

Workout routine

Yuan his martial arts trainer has made a special fitness plan for him and this he shared on the Men’s health mag. The plan involves the following:

He does one set of each exercise and after that, he repeats everything without resting.

Weight training:

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He works with pulleys, bars, and works on his core, balance, and also his weight training strength. This training also helps in building the muscles and the core as well as the ribs.

It is very essential that you strengthen your core to maintain a good posture and also maintain stability. His trainer has even added kettle ball swings and planks to the workout routine. As we know that the trainer is a martial arts expert so he has a lot of punches and cardio to be done.

When he was asked about the exercises that he does Tim McGraw mentioned that his mind is clear he has a better sense of purpose. Also, physical exercise helps in bringing the focus into life.

Fitness routine (20 minutes)

When the music star does not have much time for the workout he does this routine:

He does these moves for a time span of 40 seconds and along with that, he takes a 20 seconds break as well. He takes one-minute rest after he does each round and along with that he also does five rounds.

Fitness routines that he follows:

Tim McGraw Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tim McGraw Diet Plan

The exercise was not the only thing that that was responsible for the weight of Tim McGraw. The diet consists of clean and fresh natural foods that have made a huge impact on the weight loss of the music star.

Tim McGraw eats a lot of veggies and he also makes sure that he drinks a lot of water so that he stays hydrated.

He starts his morning with cayenne pepper, hot water beverage, Manuka honey, and a good detox for weight loss.


The snacks include pancakes, egg whites, ground flaxseeds, and even pancakes.

Caveman diet

 The singer eats unprocessed foods like kale salads, grilled salmon, oatmeal, and even berries.

Cheat meal

His cheat meal includes burgers and tea that he usually loves to eat.

Some supplements

The day starts with cayenne, manuka honey, and even flaxseeds. He involves a lot of berries and amino acids in his diet.


His journey is proof that Tim McGraw achieved a better body and thorough workouts and followed a healthy diet. Also, he received the required support and determination from his loved ones.


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