Depending upon the genetic factors the person’s build may be difficult to gain weight for a naturally lean person. With the help of increased food intake and weight training, the human body can be changed to some extent. Losing weight is also difficult as similar to regaining or gaining weight.

Tips on Gaining weight

You can lose or gain weight by applying the basic principles which can be done in a healthful and smart way. It is essential and most important to have a doctor consultation to ensure that you are following the healthier tactics and appropriate way for your weight-gaining and muscle building.

Reasons for lack of Weight Gain

Please find below a few common reasons why it is very hard for many people to gain their weight:

  • Over-exercising.
  • Use to have a physically active job or a lifestyle.
  • Less quantity of food intake.
  • Genetics.

Please be informed that a few people are very lean or thin because of a serious medical condition, substance abuse, eating disorder, and disability. These conditions were also not mentioned in the above list.

Resistance Training for Muscle Gain:

Muscle growth can be promoted with resistance training. A few examples regarding the resistance training such as resistance bands, own body weight, weight machines, and using free weights. Please find below a list of suggestions for you:

Build Muscle and Gain WeightTips on Gaining weight: Build Muscle and Gain Weight
  • You need to get professional advice. Each exercise which you are doing should be corrected by the help of a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, or a gym instructor. The injury risk can be reduced and your gains can be increased by good advice.
  • Please never waste your valuable money or time to gain your muscle main by using products, pills, and powders. We know that it is not scientifically proved.
  • Your workouts should be intense and shorter rather than leisurely and long.
  • The multiple forms of major muscle groups can be worked out with the help of preferring compound exercises like bench press and the squat.
  • Your muscle time can be recovered by training at least 3 times a week. If you train more than your muscle growth can occur even during recovery.

Healthy Foods to gain weight and build muscle:

Please find below a list of healthy foods that can be used to gain weight and as well as build your body muscle:

Fresh Healthy Food

Nut butter and Nuts: Best Energy source – Any person who prefers to gain weight can perfectly use Nut butter and Nuts. Nuts such as almonds contain healthier fats, protein, and calories. You can use it with other meals, or combined with salads, or a healthy snack. Please ensure that you are using 100% nut butter for your snacks, for e.g. Sandwiches.

Lentils: Easy and Quick meal for Muscles – The secret weapon which can be used to gain the weight quickly by means of Lentils. They are fast to cook, easy, and inexpensive and it can be used in other dishes like salads, soup, or rice. With proteins, 18 grams and quality carbohydrates & slow-digesting can be achieved from one cup of lentils.

There are three different lentils variety available within the market – Red, green, and brown. Depending upon your taste, you can choose all the 3 different flavors. It helps you to maintain stable blood sugar, your body can be enriched with long-lasting energy, and your diet should be stapled.

Brown Rice: High Calories with low fat – The whole grain referred to as Brown rice and it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibre when compared to the white rice. One bowl of brown rice can yield little fat, calories, and carbohydrates. You can easily consume and if it is mixed with vegetables and protein meals then you can easily build muscles and gain weight.

Eat wisely – It is very dangerous if you consume more brown rice which may lead to phytic acid and potential arsenic content. Toxicity can be caused by Arsenic and absorption of iron & zinc and reduced by phytic acid.

Buckwheat: Muscle-building Boost – Instead of using traditional flour, Buckwheat is the ideal choice to gain weight with its mineral and high vitamin content. It is also rich in phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin B, and protein. This unique food contains various plant protein sources to gain muscle building power.

Whole Eggs: Best antioxidants – Most of the bodybuilders and athletes agree that the best muscle-building food is referred to as Eggs. Eggs combine both healthy fats and high-quality proteins. The egg yolk contains all the beneficial and important elements. You can take at least 3 to 4 eggs per day to build your muscle exceptional.

Dried Fruits: Micronutrient-rich Snack – Dried fruits such as apples, cherries, pineapples that contain fibre, antioxidants, and micronutrients which are referred to as healthy high-calorie snacks. Even dried fruits will not lose its nutrients and also the vitamins are retained with the help of fibre. Check The 10 Healthiest Nuts You Can Eat.

You can add the dried fruits to your natural yoghurt or protein shake to have a greater mixture of key nutrients, protein, and healthy fats. Instead of using it as store-bought granola bars (it contains preservatives and sugar), you can just use it as a healthy snack.

Oily and Salmon Fish: Healthy fats with high-quality – Oily fish has an amazing source of healthy fats and high-quality protein. Fishes like Tuna and Salmon can be benefited not only to build your muscle, but also make use of fatty acid content with an omega-3 source. You can get a full meal by combining it with vegetables or rice.

Milk: Energy and Strong bones – Milk contains full of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, calcium, and as well as other vitamins, whey proteins, and casein. Many reviewers informed that after the workout session, you can prefer to skim milk instead of taking a soy-protein beverage to build your muscle. You can also take at least 2 glasses of milk along with your meal.

Red Meats: Muscle tissue building – Red Meat is the best healthy food for muscle-building and gaining weight. First, it contains nutrients, creatine, and leucine which can be used for new muscle tissue building and muscle protein stimulation. Second, you can gain weight with the help of fat and protein.

Important – Overconsumption of red meat is unhealthy. You can use the leaner cuts for the healthier heart rather than the fattier cuts.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand the importance of weight gain and building muscles. You can also refer the document to know how to weight gain and as well as build muscle with the help of healthier foods.