The hero of the movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior, Tom Hardy is famous not only for his superb acting skill and sensitive portrayal of characters but also his super cool-toned and muscular body has grabbed as much attention.

Recently people will be watching Venom, another super cool movie and they have loved his body and are interested to peek through his diet and workout regime.

Tom Hardy

Hardy has begun his career as a jacked MMA fighter in the movie Warrior – and he was super liked by his fans. The workout routine that he followed is actually a popular one which is followed by most of the hundreds of SHJs. However, the addition of more and more nutrition to the diet will help one to get a better and prominent result.

For the movie Warrior, Hardy had to transform himself into the character of Bane. His physique was totally changed and it took a lot of concentration and motivation to do that. If you are a fan of that Warrior workout and wish to look the same way- well, we can say that here you will find more to it.

Tom Hardy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tom Hardy Body Stats:

This 41 years aged star stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and he weighs approximately 180lbs. However as being a movie star needs so many transformations of looks, it takes different diet and workout regime to get into that look. For that, we get to see many changes in that schedule of stars.

Tom Hardy Diet Plan

For the movie Warrior, Hardy used to consume 5 to 6 meals of lean protein and complex carbs like chicken, fish, vegetables and oats. But when he attempted to do Batman, he neede’ sd a change in his look and so he went for lots of carbohydrates, milk, protein shakes and other supplements for Dark Knight Rises.

The actor may have followed a more flexible diet in his regular life, but movies like Warrior wants the deficit and leaned outlook and Bane, the character he had played needed to be packed with muscles and seem bulky.

Hardy’s workout routine research:

Hardy was trained by an unconventional trainer who took a rather different approach to make his body.

If you are a beginner and wish to start with this plan then the morning and the afternoon session will be great for the workout. As you will become more comfortable you can gradually add up the other two sessions.

This regime is great for muscle confusion but not always you get to work out for a particular aim at mind. The regular workout session should be more practical for everyone as not everyone gets to exercise in 4 slots a day. So we are here advising on Bane workout to consist of 2 slots a day in an attempt to build lean mass.

Hardy’s comment on the transformation of the body:

As different roles need to shape the physique in different ways, the actor needs to step up to the challenge and makes things look real by doing different kinds of exercise.

Tom Hardy Workout

Tom Hardy Workout Routine:

He does his workout for 4 times a day as we have mentioned earlier and the workout continues for 5 days a week.

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This workout session can be put into one session and made it to be a standalone shift. If you want to see the result you do not need to break the workout into two or more sessions. Also, the regime described here is for four days and you can use the fifth day as an active day and do more workouts if you wish.

The workout regime will give you the proper result if you are looking forward to getting the Bane look of Tom Hardy. The sessions are meant to transform your body and inspire you to get into the perfect muscular look.


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