Tom Holland is the spiderman in the Spiderman Homecoming movie. You have also seen him in The Impossible and in the Captain America Civil War in a small role.

Thomas Stanley Holland borne in 1996, started his career in 2012 with The Impossible. He really gets stardom after playing Peter Parker the SpiderMan.


We have also enjoyed his cameos in the Captain America Civil War in 2016, Avenger – Infinity war in 2018 and in the Endgame in 2019.

Tom Holland Workout Routine and Diet Plan

He performs stunt, he could because he got flexibility in his body by following his training sessions. When he had that goal of being flexible and strong with his physics he must and followed strict training sessions and diet routine.

He is not so bodybuilder type of guy but has a natural body fitness that he includes gymnast in his workout routine. He used to share his daily and updated routine through his social media profiles.

So if you didn’t get through those updates and really want to know Tom Holland’s workout and diet plan. You can get in here.

Tom Holland Workout Routine


To get ready his body, he takes three exercises rapidly simultaneously in quick successions –

  • Pull-ups 3 sets with 5 pull-ups in each
  • Dips 3 sets with 10 dips in each set
  • Push-ups 3 sets with 15-25 push-ups in each set.

This warm-up routine he follows daily working day. After warming up he follows the following work out in sequence for Day 1.

Day 1 –

  • Round circuit – 2 
  •  sprint of 100m
  • Box Jump – 25 jumps
  • Sledgehammer swings – 25 
  • Sit-ups – 25 
  • Bumpers – 25
  • Sit-ups – 25 ( second time )
  • Sledgehammer swings – 25 
  • Box Jumps – 25 
  • Sprint of 100m

Day 2 –

For the second day, he chooses cardio –

  • Boxing 
  • Parkour
  • Gymnast 
  • HIIT Training – Treadmill or in Bike

In the treadmill, he takes a sprint of 6-9 mph and at the bike level, he takes RPM’s over 100.

  • Treadmill walk of 3-3.5 mph 
  • On-bike – 10 minutes ride of level 3
  • Take rest around 10 minutes 
  • Treadmill walk 3-3.5 mph on 5-10 incline 
  • On-bike in the medium pace in the level of 5-7

Day 3 –

  • Round circuit – 3 with heavyweight
  • Running – 400 m
  • Sit-ups – 25
  • Clean and presses – 15 
  • Bench press – 2-3 sets with 12 reps in each
  • Arm Dumbbell snatches 
Tom-Holland Workout

Day 4 –

     Cardio workout 

  • Boxing 
  • Parkour
  • Gymnastics
  • HIIT Training – 30 minutes 
  • Treadmill or bike 

Day 5 –

  • Round circuit – 5 round 
  • Bench press – 1-2 set with 10 reps in each set
  • Bumpers
  • Deadlifts – with 145 pound of weight 
  • Hanging knee/leg raise – 10

EMS Training 

Along with his regular training sessions, he also takes some challenging tasks as a workout like EMS – Electronic Muscle Stimulation. In this session, a very low level of electric current sent into the body to provide the stimulations.

What it generates is a kind of pain, this gives you the benefit of 2-3 house exercise in just half an hour.

This training is enough ones a week because it uses high stamina.

Less Time, Impact High

It’s 20 minutes of absolute hell – he said

Ben Brown explains that in the EMS Training all your body is strapped into a suit that covers your muscles groups. The machine works like AI as could send pulses for the specific body muscles. It feels very intense.

I couldn’t walk the whole day when first I go through this training – Tom says. But after recovering it feels good.

Tom Holland Diet Plan

As he does most of the strength training and cardio type exercise so he avoids junk food and takes a good amount of water daily to been refreshed all day.

To balance his diet he takes protein according to his exercise, carbohydrates, and fats. He takes the amount as required.

As you know he has not so heavy body but a lean body type so he takes diet according to his body that he could maintain a balance between workout and diet.