A power rack is simply equipment of weight training equipment mostly used to weight barbell exercises. A power rack is a staple in every commercial or home gym and is very versatile and available in different sizes.

This equipment consists of four upright posts and two adjustable horizontal bars. Some power racks have an extra attachment attached which makes them more useful because several exercises may be possible in a single rack. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment used for power squats, shoulder press, bench press, deadlifts, front squats, etc.

If you are setting up a gym whether it is a commercial or home gym, a power rack is a necessary equipment. It is a place where one can sweat, hang and store equipment and most important thing push you and ultimately become a stronger version of yourself.

Ultimate Buying Guide to Power-Racks

But for this, you have to choose the right equipment and here we are providing you with the best knowledge about the perfect power rack purchasing.

Before you go for purchasing a power rack, you need to know first about the benefits of owning the power rack. So here are some important benefits of having a power rack for your gym.

Benefits of Having a Power Rack

You need to know about the benefits of owning a power rack while you are setting up a gym. This will make it clear for you whether you need this equipment in your gym.

1. Makes Lifting Safer

Power racks act as a spotter while lifting and also increase the safety of a person especially when a person lifts solo at home. Also, you do not need to drop the weights onto the floor and crack the foundation as it contains safety bars that catch the weights when someone fails to complete a rep.

2. Power Racks are extremely versatile

Power racks are primarily designed to hold the barbells so that the lifter can chase the heavyweights easily and with proper safety. Power racks have come a long way from just a squat rack to the hybrid workout partner. A single rack can handle so many exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, curls, chin-ups, and many more.

3. Cost-Effective

By investing for the power rack would never be a waste of money ever. It saves a lot of money for a person as it is like a mini gym in itself. You will never have to spend money on a gym membership as well as fuel for visiting the gym.

4. Safety Assurance

A weight lifter while exercising needs to change the weights frequently or sometimes fail to complete the set so they do not need to drop the weights on the floor but can hang them on the strings attached to the power rack which could be easy as well as safe for them.

5. Spotter Not Required

As you all know now that many safety attachments and strings are attached to the power rack so when you work out you do not need a spotter and can exercise safely.

How to Choose the Perfect Power Rack?

First of all, it’s a big investment while purchasing a power rack for yourself so you need to know every fact about the power rack before going to purchase. There are many factors about which you need to be aware so you can get the best thing.

So here are some of the important points you need to keep in mind while selecting the power rack.

1. Steel Frame

The frames of the power rack are purposely built of steel because the reason behind this is steel can handle very heavy loads and have a lot of use. It is not a delicate piece and work for years without failing. 2″ by 2″ framed power racks are considered to be tough and ideal as it does not wobble and shake while lifting the weight. But for a person who requires very less wobbles and maximum durability must go for 2″ by 3″ or 3″ by 3″ framed racks.

2. Steel Thickness

The next factor while purchasing the power rack is its steel measurements which are measured in terms of gauge. The higher the number of gauges less is the thickness of the steel. The most important factor of a [power gauge is its weight capacity. So it is recommended that 11-gauge rack is most popular and sufficient for any kind of exercise.

3. Select the Right Type

There are two types of power racks available in the market and you have to choose according to your budget. They are available in a modular system and fixed package system. In the modular system, there will be only a base rack and the rest of the attachments you have to purchase according to your exercises. So in this type, you do not have to pay for the attachments you don’t want and need in your exercise routine.

The second one is a fixed package system in which a whole set of attachments and stations is there out of which you may or may not use some of them but you have to pay for it. So modular type would be a great option for a budget-conscious person.

4. Check the Weight Capacity

The weight capacity should be great for the best power rack. This is the point you should not overlook. It should support more weight than you will ever use in your workout. For safety purposes, you should select the rack which can bear a heavy load. For a good power rack, 1,000lb or more static weight capacity would be recommended.

5. Keep a Check on Product Dimensions

As power racks are available in different types so you need to know the type you want to buy and the dimensions according to it. You have to measure your floor dimensions as well as space or room dimensions too where you are going to install the power rack. This is because if you buy a modular type power rack, then you will have some extra spacing.

After all, it has additional stations and attachments, or may you purchase in the future. So the key point is while measuring the space for the power rack, don’t forget to leave some extra spacing of around 20-25% around the rack for storage of plate, moving the barbell easily, and exercising.

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6. Go for the right attachments

In a modular type power rack, you have options available to attach the different kinds of stations according to your workout. So selecting the right type of attachments will provide you with several options for your workout just in a simple power rack.

There are almost hilarious attachments that can be attached to your power rack. Here are some options and common attachments that will help a lot in your workout to reach your weight lifting goals.

And so on.

7. Need of the customer

First of all, you need to know about your workout exercises and requirements. According to your needs, you have to buy the power rack and its pieces of equipment before wasting a lot of money on something you are not going to use.

8. Place for Plate Storage

A space for plate storage is necessary and good power racks have a built-in plate storage area mostly at the back end of the rack. If you purchase a built-in plate storage power rack then it would be helpful for you as it saves the requirement of extra spacing to store plates. Also saving time for racking, storing weights, and also saves your money.

9. Pull-Up Bar

Power racks are also available having pull-up bars attached to it as a part of their kit. So if you are thinking of buying a power rack with pull-up bars then you need more vertical space as a complete pull-up by you will put you above the top bars of the power rack. So you need vertically more spacing.

10. J-Hooks or Weight Pins

J-Hook also known as weight pins are one of the basic accessories of a power rack. It is helpful to put on the weights quickly and easily when you are doing a workout like a bench press or squats. So it provides a comfortable position to release the bars.

They are locked at some heights of the frame so that a person takes a rest and can sit between the sets. So have a look at J-Hooks also while purchasing the rack that hooks are manufactured of thick steel and can carry heavy weights.

11. Hole Spacing and Hole Numbering

Holes should be of proper dimensions and consistent from the top to bottom so one can do high, medium or low lifts also can be used by a person of different heights. The standard dimension of hole spacing is about two inches which provide lots of flexibility for you to set the height of the barbell according to you which is more than that of a person of any height.

Hole numbering is a small but somewhere important feature in the power rack. It makes you exercise easy having holes on both sides of the cage so that you remember your number and can quickly find out the right positions for your preferred workout.

12. Safety Measures

Safety is very important because you are working out by yourself without any spotter, so it becomes very important to invest in a power rack that should be structurally safe as well as secure too. For this, you need to buy some attachments too which will keep you safe such as:

13. Budget

Budget is a somewhere very important factor you must concern about before purchasing. If you have enough money then buy the whole set at a time with all the attachments necessary for a workout. But if you have some shortage of money then there is no need to worry because you can buy a base rack and then acquire attachments every month according to your workout needs to spread out the expenses and would be easier to afford.

Some Important Tips to Remember

1. Shipping and Packaging

If you are buying online then make sure shipping is also included in the purchase price otherwise many companies charge shipping as it is a very heavy product to ship.

A power rack is not a small piece. It is very heavy and huge either shipped in one large box or separate boxes having different parts. Make sure do not receive delivery inside your home because it is very heavy in weight and can damage the floor.

2. Check Warranty and Return Policy

A power rack is very costly to buy and generally higher costs units come with better warranties. So it becomes important to check the warranty of the product and goes for a lifetime structural warranty policy.

Similarly, with the return policy, you should go with 30 days return policy product. This is because it is a very expensive product and you have to check it first ad if you feel any problem during a workout you can easily return the product.

The Concluding Lines

Now I hope you will get a better idea about the power rack and its guideline on how to buy the best power rack and which things you must keep in mind while you are purchasing a power rack.

Power rack comes out as a great purchase for someone very dedicated to the gym workout as there are not many products available with such benefits. You should remain very careful and if you look for all the points discussed in the article you will get a great product.


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