A power rack also known as a power cage or squat cage is simply a piece of fitness equipment that is mostly used in barbell exercises. It is like a steel cage where one stands while exercising. All the gyms have these power racks usually more than one. It consists of horizontal bars that can be adjusted according to the height of a person during their workout time.

Power racks are commonly used in commercial gyms but now they are becoming popular in home gyms too. Nowadays power racks also include pull-up bars and for additional exercises attachments can also be added so the numbers of exercises in a single power rack I possible.

So while you are using power racks you need to put something underneath your power rack which is called power rack flooring to avoid damage to your surface and also increase your safety. That is why additional flooring is required underneath your power rack.

Power Rack

Why power rack flooring is needed?

It is not at all mandatory but it is suggested to put something underneath your power rack because of many reasons.

For Commercial Gyms

What should be used under a power rack to secure it?

Generally putting the rack straight on the base of the floor is not a good option. You need some extra protection to save the floor from damage. Power flooring is done so that it can absorb shocks from dropped weights, distribute load when lifting which ultimately protects underneath of the floor. So there are so many options for things you can put underneath your power rack.

Rubber or EVA Foam Mats

Rubber is considered as one of the best options for gym flooring because of several reasons it can cover any surface including hard concrete floors, and can also support the heaviest exercise types of equipment. Rubber is very popular in gym flooring because it can offer maximum durability and also absorb shocks. Rubber flooring is available in different forms you can buy rubber flooring in the form of mats, rolls, and interlocking tiles in different thicknesses and sizes. They can cover a large area.

There are two types of interlocking mats you can put under the power rack.

Foam mats are less expensive than rubber mats and can be easily assembled. On the other hand, rubber mats are more costly because they have many options in terms of thickness. Rubber mats that are used for power flooring are about 1/2 to3/4″ thick and on the other hand, EVA foam mats are about 1/2″ thick.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of rubber and EVA foam mats such as:

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Lifting Platform

This one is an upgraded method that is used by serious lifters who want the best for their power packs. It is a combination of both rubber mats and steel. Lifting platforms are categorized into two forms: Olympic and deadlifting forms. Olympic platforms are square-shaped while deadlifting platforms are rectangular.

They can be fitted under the floor and power racks are bolted on them through a drilling method which provides greater stability.

Power Rack For Home Gym

For Home Gym Flooring Method

Now a day’s people love to do the gym at their home despite going to the gym. Having a home gym now become a great option to stay healthy and fit. So the pieces of equipment to be set up at home also need good and different flooring. It also depends on the type of exercise types of equipment you will set up. So here are some good options for home gym flooring.

Rubber Flooring

This method is best both at home and commercial gym because of its high advantages. It can cover all types of floors including a hard concrete floor. Rubber is very popular for home gyms especially because it provides maximum durability and is a good shock absorbent.

Cork Flooring

In cork flooring, cork tiles are installed under the floor and it is made from the bark of cork oak trees. It is famous for flooring materials because of its durability as it resists cracks and abrasions and also its long-lasting nature. Cork flooring is very good shock absorbent and can support through intense workouts. Cork is also prone to fading in sunlight and also resistant to fire, mites, and mold. If your need is to support heavy machinery or weights then try doubling up with glue-down cork tiles.

PVC Flooring

Vinyl flooring is affordable and not very expensive but has great durability and resiliency. It requires low maintenance and is also water-resistant. Vinyl flooring is considered the best option for basement and garage gyms because of its mold and moisture-resistant nature as it is not that great for shock absorption.

Foam Flooring

If you want to install not very heavyweight types of equipment then foam flooring is best because it supports only light exercises. Foam is a lot cheaper than rubber but also less durable. Foam floor tiles can be easily installed and are also portable.

Can you put a power rack on an uneven and hard floor?

No, it is not a good idea to put the power rack on an uneven floor as it could lead to some serious injury. So you need to build an even and packed platform first to distribute the load.

Talking about the hardwood floor, you can out the power rack on the hardwood floor but it is advised not to put the equipment straight onto the floor. You need to put down a mat or power flooring to prevent scuffing and create a layered system that would be protective and functional.

Bottom Line

To keep you healthy and fit is the most important thing and exercise is the best option. People go to the gym buy memberships and pay monthly charges is quite expensive and become hectic for daily routine. The best way is to set up a gym for yourself once at home but power flooring is necessary whether you are doing intense exercise or not.

So by putting the right material under your power rack, you ensure the safety of the floor, as well as the rack, will continue to do its job for a longer duration.


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